About Us


Pine Cashmere was founded in 2016 in Carlsbad, CA by Zula Tokarz an LA native and fashion enthusiast. She comes from over a decade of experience in the apparel industry. In 2015, she traveled back to Mongolia’s countryside where her father grew up. There she was inspired by the rich history of Mongolian cashmere and their nomadic herders.

Influenced by her culture and the need to help others, Zula wanted to pioneer a socially responsible business model within the fashion industry. By creating an affordable, quality cashmere brand and introducing to international markets, Pine Cashmere is giving back a percentage of their profits to the treatment of under privileged patients at Lux Dialysis Center in Mongolia, the nation’s first American standard clinic that opened in 2015.



In Mongolia winters are harsh and weather drop down to minus 40 degrees Celsius. The colder the weather and longer winters, the goats have a more meager diet, which produces longer and finer hair in creating the highest quality fiber.

The Cashmere is collected during the spring molting season when the goats naturally shed their winter coat. Then, the cashmere undergoes other stages of processing such as sorting, scouring, dehairing, spinning, weaving or knitting before it becomes a luxurious garment.

Our Eco-Cashmere is made from the all-natural white, beige, and brown fibers. Undyed and unbleached, they are processed with even less water and zero chemicals. From start to finish, every step in our manufacturing process takes place in an eco-conscious production facility. With proper care, your cashmere sweater will last for years and years.