Cashmere vs Cotton

There is nothing cozier than putting on that perfectly fitted sweater on a chilly spring day. The little goosebumps that rush over your skin as the soft sensation of cashmere graces over you body. What it is that makes this feeling so much better than the average cotton sweater off the rack?

Cashmere comes from the softest hairs of the underbelly of the Kashmir goat. The hairs compose the highest quality fibers which is why it makes it so soft to touch. In comparison to cotton, it is also warmer and lasts much longer. Cashmere possesses great insulation properties that help contain body heat. Although, due to the lightness and breathability of the fibers it won’t make you too hot. In fact, most cashmere sweaters are considerably lighter than those made of cotton or wool. This helps to maintain the perfect temperature.

Now back to that softness sensation, that irresistible feel when you put on cashmere. Cashmere fibers are very small and that results in a fine textured material. The length and the diameter of the fibers are what makes cashmere the softest of all yarns. The fibers also have a very high density which make the texture smooth, hence the soft sensation. This is why cashmere sweaters are not as scratchy as those made from cotton.

Unlike cotton, the properties of the cashmere fiber make it extremely durable. Sweaters made of cashmere retain their shape far longer than cotton, and do not shrink as easily when washed. With proper care, cashmere products can last much longer than their cotton counterparts.

It’s no secret that cashmere is an extremely desirable fabric. Although sweaters and other cashmere products generally run at a much higher cost than those made of cotton, the benefits of cashmere truly speak for themselves. Indulge in one of our soft organic cashmere sweaters today, and you can be the judge.